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The tug-of-war over Tsar Samuil – Bulgarian or Macedonian? Tsar Samuil figures prominently in both Bulgarian and Macedonian history, a fact that is a source of great animosity between the two countries [read more]

GNK Dinamo Zagreb: Has the Mamić Era Come to an End? GNK Dinamo Zagreb’s executive director Zdravko Mamić announced his resignation once again. At the same time an initiative “For our Dinamo”, composed of Croatian ex-football stars, is determined to crush Mamić’s 11 harsh years [read more]

The Questionable Conditions of Studying in Macedonia While many of the European students often argue about their studying conditions in Western Europe, a look into the college-level studying conditions in Macedonia will leave them humble. [read more]

Presidential elections in Macedonia: a struggle with identity On the 13th of April and the 27th of April the citizens of Macedonia, of which about 20 % is Albanian, will decide in two ballots who will move in the Presidential Residence. Three women express their opinion on the three male candidates [read more]

Dežulović’s European Press Prize award – a step forward for Balkan-journalism 17th March 2014 was a festive day for Balkan-journalism, but above all for Boris Dežulović who was bestowed with the Commentator Award of the European Press Prize [read more]

From Kosovo to Crimea: Double Standards? The declaration of Russian President Vladimir Putin comparing Crimea’s and Kosovo’s secession provoked loud reactions in the Balkans, but on the West as well. By accusing the West for hypocrisy, Putin revived the topic of Kosovo and the question of its legitimacy. The US and the EU strongly deny this comparison [read more]

Epochal Football draw: Kosovo Kicks its Way to International Recognition “Kosovo – Haiti 0:0. As I said earlier, regardless result, Kosovo won” tweeted enthusiastically on the 5th March Hashim Thaci, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, after the first intenationally-recognized match played by the Kosovar national team against the representation of Haiti. Not for the first time in the history, football was about much more than the final score [read more]

The Past of Balkans Nominees might get in the Way of Nobel Peace Prize The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, a political group in the European Parliament, officially nominated High Representative Catherine Ashton, Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi and Serbian Prime Minister Ivaca Dačić for the Nobel Peace Prize [read more]

Serbia starts accession’s negociations with the EU On the 21st January 2014, the 1st Intergovernmental Conference was held in Brussels, marking the formal start of Serbia’s accession negotiations. The beginning of EU accession negotiations brought positive publicity to Belgrade, the highest one since [read more]

Goodbye and Farewell,  Čika Mišo Sarajevo mourns Čika Mišo, a Roma from Kosovo and the last shoe shiner of the city, who died on January 6th, aged 83 [read more]

Bosnia & Croatia: a negative-sum game When Croatia joins the EU on the first of July, Bosnia-Herzegovina will lose its heretofore closest trading partner as its exports are excluded from the single market. This offers further challenges to an administration already mired in difficulty [read more]

Skopje 2014: an unexpected master-class in nation building Skopje 2014 is a gargantuan public works project to transform the historic centre of the Macedonian capital, but it comes at a time of economic difficulty and in a context of fierce criticism [read more]

Kanun: Blood should be repaid with blood. The tradition of blood feud has very deep roots in Albanian world, starting from a code of honor called “Kanuni i Leke Dukagjinit”. Unfortunately this tradition still remains present despite the flow of time [read more]

The Kosovo Diary Today is the ninth of November 2009. On the TV screen, under the umbrella, Lech Walesa is bringing down the first domino of the improvised Berlin wall. Various important people are passing in front of my eyes [read more]

A bridge between the Europe and the Balkans Officially Slovenia does not count as one of the countries of the Balkan. However, it used to be one of the six Yugoslav republics. A past difficult to handle for Slovenes [read more]

How we in the Balkans kill rats In 1997 at the Venice Biennale, world famous performer artist Marina Abramovic, performed Balkan Baroque, which included among others, a performance entitled „How we in the Balkans kill rats“ [read more]

The unforgettable Albanian taste René Redzepi, the famous chef of the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen is not only inspired by his Nordic roots. All his childhood summers were spent in Macedonia, among his Albanian father’s family. The best restaurant [read more]

Underground, the other Yugoslavia Once upon a time… there was a country called Yugoslavia, created and killed by a war. While the Second World War had ended, a group of people was kept hidden for twenty years in the canals under Belgrade [read more]

Belgrade – the must go for Balkan cinema lovers On the contrary of Cannes or Hollywood, Belgrade is not known as one of the big cinematographic centers. Nevertheless, the capital of Serbia welcomes two famous films festivals, FEST and Festival Slobodna Zona [read more]